Anti Spatter and Flux for Welding - avoid welding spatters removal cleaning & get improved weld joint quality that is tested & passes load, bend, radiographic tests.
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SPATFREE 113 - Welding Anti Spatter and flux - applied by brush or spray

Silicone free, Non Polluting, Non flammable and Non toxic. Tested by NABL lab and passes Load, Bend, Radiographic tests and shows improvement in weld joint quality with it's use


We have recently added " SpatFreeTM - Nozzle " Anti Spatter Gel  in our SpatFree range of Welding Anti Spatter products. It is specially for welding torch nozzles.

About Us

We well known Manufacturer & Exporter of technological breakthrough products for surface technology chemicals , based in Mumbai , India. It's founded & headed by Mr.Vinay Golwala who is a Merit list holder and Chemical Engineer from renowned Bombay University. Due to his zeal to develop new products that's required by the industry, VK range of chemicals for `Fumeless' Stainless Steel Pickling Passivation & Cleaning were materialized and VK products have found acceptance among many different industries and hundreds of customers. VK products are tested & approved by IIT Bombay under ASTM A380 standards and well accepted by many well known Third Party Inspection Agencies.

It was due to his passion to develop something new, SpatFree 113 has come into existance, which is Silicone free & Non-Polluting , Non-Toxic , Non-Flammable Welding Anti Spatter & Flux for base metal to be welded. SpatFree 113 avoids time consuming & labourious grinding & chipping mechanical process and also improves weld joint quality. SpatFree 113 is tested & passes Load, Bend, Radiographic etc. tests and it shows that with use of SpatFree 113 weld joint quality improves.

Revolutionize The Art of Welding with SPATFREETM 113

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SpatFree 113  benefits,

                Silicone free - hence no further painting related problems due to Silicone
  •           Grinding & Chipping - Time consuming & Labourious process - NOT required to remove spatters
  •            Slags are easily removed
  •           Cleaning cost is drastically reduced - around 75%
  •        Increase productivity - by 10%
  •       Increase in welder's efficiency - by 25%
  •           Gives dense & clean weld joint
  •           Gaseous & non-metallic inclusions are minimized
  •           Spatters removes gently – maintaining smooth parent surface
  •           Depth of penetration is increased
  •      Acts as a temporary rust preventive ( hence useful in avoiding V-groove flash   rusting & hence discards re-grinding of V-groove before welding )
Anti spatter spray   Welding done - without applying SpatFree 113
                                                        - welding spatters are near weld seam area


anti spatter liquid  Welding done - after applying SpatFree113
- near seam area is totally free from welding spatters

SpatFree 113
is tested by NABL accredited lab in Mumbai, India whose results are approved by various government departments & leading inspection agencies. The test results shows that SpatFree 113 passes all mechanical tests like Load tests, Bend tests, Tensile tests & Radiography tests satisfactorily, showing improvement in weld joint quality with use of SpatFree 113.


Due to this technological breakthrough product, it is proven that you can eliminate labourious & time - consuming chipping or grinding operations totally to remove weld spatters and obtain better weld joint quality.

Contact Person : Mr.Vinay Golwala ( Director - Technical & Marketing )
                          Mobile :  +91 - 9172750225 /  9322246307

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