SpatFree - Nozzle
Anti Spatter and Flux for Welding - avoid welding spatters removal cleaning & get improved weld joint quality that is tested & passes load, bend, radiographic tests.
Manufacturer & Exporter
SpatFree - Nozzle

Nozzle Gel Anti Spatter




SpatFree - Nozzle is a new product that is specially meant for application on welding nozzles and improvement of life span of welding nozzles.

SpatFree - Nozzle is suitable for use on fixtures of MIG, semi automatic & automatic etc. welding equipment.

Features :

    • Non-toxic
    • Non Flammable
    • Odorless
    • Silicon Free
    • Does not cause porosity

Application Procedure :

SpatFree ® – Nozzle creates an Anti-Spatter film on welding gun nozzles. Cool the Nozzle gun and remove the impurities. Remove spatters around the contact tip and inside the nozzle.

Dip welding gun nozzle in to SpatFree ® – Nozzle and start work operations.
Brush onto positioners and fixtures. Avoid build up of SpatFree ® – Nozzle in the diffuser by storing the torch in a downward direction when not in use.

Packing : 300 gm bottle and 4 kg jar







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